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About some of our innovative products

Chemtrade product info

We’ve broken down some information here about some of our innovative products. Find our full product range here.

Chempart Pro W21

Chempart Pro W21 is an emulsifier which can be used in solvent based alkyd paints. It enables the addition of up to 50% water, while retaining the physical properties of the paint system and reducing the cost of gloss enamel paints.

Chempart Pro W21 is an APEO free product. By replacing solvent with water it has the added benefit of lowering the VOC content. It also reduces costs.

Arquad GS

Arquad GS is a new state-of-the-art product from Nouryon. It provides a three-in-one protection for water-based paints. It acts as an antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral additive.

There’s been a growing demand for anti-viral paints due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So Arquad GS is the ideal product to reduce complexity in preservative formulating and as anti-viral protection in the dry film paint.

Rheoplus TS3010A

Rheoplus TS3010A is a new Rheology modifier for water-based paints from Sepiolsa. It’s got excellent rheological and anti-settling properties. Rheoplus TS3010A can be added either during the pigment milling stage, or to the final paint to adjust viscosity and thixotropy.

A key benefit of Rheoplus TS3010A is that the rheological properties aren’t affected by electrolytes.