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Nouryon launches new anti-viral paint ingredient

Anti-viral paint ingredient

Nouryon has launched Arquad GS, an innovative, environmentally-friendly antimicrobial agent. It enables the formulation of a robust and tintable anti-viral paint. Please contact your local distributor Chemtrade for further information.

“The introduction of this new product is important given the increased emphasis on surface cleanliness and germ prevention as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Nouryon.

“Research indicates that demand for hygienic coatings is expected to increase significantly, and the global anti-viral and anti-bacterial coating categories, specifically, are projected to hit double-digit annualized growth over the next five years.

Nouryon was one of the first companies to realize the potential of chemistry to preserve and process daily essentials. 

Nouryon’s values are leading the way, growing , and delivering on commitments.

They remain committed to the core principles of safety, integrity, and sustainability.

They are industry leader and a trusted partner and responsible member of society.